Growing your own kiwi’s


Kiwis are great tasting fruits and very attractive to the eyes. In addition they contain numerous nutrients such as vitamin C and potassium. For best results, I recommend that you consume the skin of the kiwi or place the whole fruit into a juicer as the skins have been found to contain numerous antioxidants which help in flushing poisons from our bodies. The fact that kiwi fruits abound at the start of the fall, when many other fruits are already out of season, is a huge plus.

Kiwis originated in China and have the potential to grow 30 feet tall, which necessitates the right training and proper pruning. Kiwis don’t thrive in lots of frost and should therefore be protected from excessive cold in the winter. These vines thrive in soil with lots of organic nutrients and moisture. They should be watered regularly during the summer and other high temperature months of the year, in addition to applying nitrogen or other organic fertilizers.

You can purchase potted plants from expert growers to cultivate in your garden and it’s vital that you ask for both male and female plants. To ensure that your plants fruit properly, you should have a few males around many female vines. And, as with most other vines, you should create a robust trellis or other type of support for the vines to grow on.

Pruning is a very important activity when growing kiwis in your garden due to the fact that they can grow very long and thickly intertwined. This is why you should ensure that your vines are pruned to a single branch every winter. The cut plants can also be planted to expand your plant population.

When fruits begin to ripen in the summer, just pluck them and store in your refrigerator.

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  1. Irene says:

    I was so surprised to read you recommend to eat the skin of the kiwi! Funny and ‘hairy’ idea, but I am absolutely going to try.

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