Growing your own Raspberries

Growing your own Raspberries

If you are fruit lover then it is hard to ignore raspberries due to their awesome taste and attractiveness. These fruits resemble strawberries in many ways and perhaps trail them only in terms of popularity. They come in so many varieties as well as colors ranging from black to red as well as purple and even yellow. According to the United States Agriculture Department, these fruits are best cultivated in Hardiness Zone 2 but if you live in an area where summers and winters are not too severe then you have a huge chance of successfully growing these fruits. You … Continue reading

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Hydrangeas with its many flowers


Hydrangeas are beautiful plants that produce stunning flowers, which can change the outlook of your home or garden. As a result of their beauty, many gardeners fall in love with them and decide to plant them in their yards or gardens. If you are interested in planting your own hydrangeas then keep on reading. There are important tips that should be followed if you desire to generate the best results from your hydrangea cultivation and the first condition that you have to consider is the type of soil in your yard or garden. These plants grow very well and produce … Continue reading

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Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Do you know about many plants that mature and display attractive flowers from August to the end of October? Well the Japanese anemone is one of the few documented ones and these are truly rewarding plants that will keep you watching with admiration at every stage of their life cycle. Many varieties of these flowers also typically grow well, with common heights of around 3 feet and even though many gardeners are unaware of this, the majority of the common varieties on the market today have been around for more than a century, after their discovery by gardeners in the … Continue reading

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Lovely lavender


Lavenders are special and one of the flowers you cannot keep ignoring in your yard or garden if you want to have an elegant one and one positive thing is that you can virtually have lavender blooming in your garden all year round. This is especially true for people living in USDA Hardiness zones 5 and 8. Lavenders can be propagated either from seeds or cuttings from parent plants and it will be up to you to decide which method you prefer. I would personally recommend that you propagate them from cuttings even though it can be expensive due to … Continue reading

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Campanulas or Bellflowers

Campanulas or Bellflowers

If you are looking to establish a very vibrant flower garden then campanulas will definitely be a great addition regardless to the number of flowers you may already have planted. Campanulas are also known as bell flowers due to the fact that they produce bell-shaped flowers when its bloom time. There are numerous species of this plant available leading to many differences in terms of size and colors. For example while some varieties only reach just a couple of inches tall, others can reach a height of around 6 feet. There are not many complications surrounding the growth of this … Continue reading

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